6 Best LearnDash Alternatives to Create Online Courses (FREE Included)

In an open market full of alternatives to choose from, it is human nature to be curious and search for something that can do the same. It’s equally applicable for online course makers and eLearning entrepreneurs too. While LearnDash is a popular choice to build an online course website, many people still look for LearnDash alternatives.

Maybe you need a more budget-friendly LMS plugin. Or you probably want to start with a free solution and scale later. There can be a number reasons behind seeking a LearnDash alternative. Despite LearnDash being a great choice, there might be many factors so that you would want a LearnDash alternative.

Whether you are an up-and-coming institute, simply looking to save money, or just a casual eLearning enthusiast, it applies to all. You have come to the right place if you are seeking the best alternatives to LearnDash.

In this article, we will dive right into the top LearnDash alternatives that will change your mind about LMS and guide you to discover which LearnDash alternative suits your educational model. Also, whether you should just go with LearnDash instead, you’ll be able to decide for yourself!

What is LearnDash?

LearnDash is a WordPress LMS or Learning Management System plugin. There are many WordPress LMS plugins in the market right now. Each of them are striving to grant their users the ability to create and sell online courses. LearnDash is one of the most popular LMS plugins among online-based creators.

LearnDash provides an excellent, well-thought-out eLearning platform for individuals, teachers, institutes, teaching centers, and online entrepreneurs.

Also, LearnDash ensures you the authority to design, develop and deliver content, including cooking or study-related lessons, tutorials, quizzes & assignments, and more. You can do them all using WordPress. Check out our LearnDash review for an in-depth understanding of what you can do with LearnDash.

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Here are some key features of LearnDash:

  • Course Design: LearnDash enables you to design various online courses, lessons, and modules. You can plan content in a solid structure in a few clicks, which makes it easy for the student to consume and learn quickly.
  • Content Delivery: LearnDash provides enhanced multimedia delivery, allowing users to publish different types of text, videos, and other media for the learners.
  • Progress Tracking: Course creators and enrolled students have the ability to keep track of their course progression. It helps the students stay focused throughout their course timeline and allows the teacher to monitor their progression.
  • Membership Levels: Membership level access like Patreon allows you to make membership-based tires to offer courses with different access levels at specific price points.
  • Drip-Content:  Content Drip content allows the feeding or releasing of the course material gradually over a timeframe.

As we discussed earlier, there are different reasons that can make you look for a LearnDash alternative. So let’s move forward to address this.

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Why do you need an alternative to LearnDash?

You may ask Why and Who should get something alternative to LearnDash? Despite having a handful of great features? The answer is simple: It depends on the person why they want to use something different and why actively seeking a LearnDash LMS alternative. Now letโ€™s find out why people want to find the best LearnDash alternatives in the first place.

Here are some reasons why you may want an alternative to LearnDash:

  • Pricing: Since LearnDash is a feature-rich LMS solution, it does take a toll on the wallet. LearnDashโ€™s price for a single site can cost about $200 a year, and bear in mind there are chances that the LearnDash price can increase at any moment. Plus you need to buy premium addons separately.
  • No Free Trial: One another thing potential users donโ€™t like is that there is no free trial, which plays a massive part in not getting a subscription. However, you can use their free online demo.
  • Features: Although LearnDash has many features, still you may feel that something you need is not available in LearnDash. It totally depends on your unique requirements.

Now that you have understood why you may need an alternative to LearnDash. Letโ€™s find out what are the best LearnDash alternatives.

Best LearnDash alternatives to create online courses

There is a considerable number of LearnDash alternatives in the market that try to give good results. Here are the 6 best LearnDash alternatives to create online courses:

1. Tutor LMS

Whenever talking about LearnDash alternatives, Tutor LMS always comes on the top of the list. The Tutor LMS plugin brings something to the table that LearnDash does not offer. Tutor LMS provides a free version that helps you to try out and examine its operations before buying it.

Not to mention, Tutor LMS has a plethora of add-on support and other exciting features. Some of them are interactive Q&A section for instructors and students for better communication, a solid report system, a powerful tracker to keep track of the progression, and more.

With Tutor LMS, anyone can build interactive learning platforms and create engaging courses. It also offers the freedom to distribute the content to the students from the ground up seamlessly. You can learn more from our Tutor LMS review post. We also have a detailed article about Tutor LMS pricing and plans.

Why is Tutor LMS the best LearnDash alternative?

  • Free Version: Tutor LMS offers a free version that helps test the product before paying for the full version. 
  • Minimalist Responsive Design: Tutor LMS has a smooth and polished design that creates a charming feel for the students. It attracts them to stay longer on the eLearning website.
  • Automated Email Notifications: Instructors can routinely remind the course progression and promote new courses with the help of automated email notifications.
  • Smart Course And Lesson Manager: Managing courses and lessons are more accessible with the help of the smart controls. Tons of excellent new features can be added, making it easy to use and customize the functionalities.
  • Multimedia Attachments: Multimedia attachment assists in making the courses more successful and aids the students in keeping engaged.

Tutor LMS Plans and Pricing

Tutor LMS plugin pricing
  • Basic โ€“ Free
  • Individual โ€“ $199/ Year (10 Site Licenses)
  • Business โ€“ $399/ Year (10 Site Licenses)
  • Agencyโ€“ $799/ Year (Unlimited Licenses)

Learn everything about Tutor LMS pricing from the below link.

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2. LearnPress

LearnPress is another LearnDash alternative that is totally free. Like WordPress free plugins, anyone can add it to their site from the repository. It provides the ability to construct courses and sell them online without any hassle.

Nevertheless, LearnPress does have its pro bundle that comes with native mobile app support, which allows students to complete the lessons and courses in the absence of a computer.

LearnPress also has lots of free and premium addons that let you to chose and create the best online courses, such as LearnPress Wishlist, LearnPress Course Review, LearnPress Import/Export, LearnPress Offline Payment, Certificates Addon for LearnPress, Live Course Addon, Assignments addon, Content Drip Addon, and more. Find out more about the plugin from this Tutor LMS vs LearnPress article.

Why is LearnPress a good LearnDash alternative?

  • Free Version Available: One of the best things about LearnPress is that the most essential features of operating an online learning academy are free. Using this plugin anyone can start offering courses without investing a hefty amount.
  • Good Customer Support: LearnPress customer support provides excellent service for WordPress beginners and actively helps them to launch their sites.
  • Addons: LearnPress offers many addons to choose from, from free to paid ones. So you have access to select which addon features suit your business most.
  • Content Drip: Like LearnDash, you get Content Drip to publish your courses slowly without publishing every lesson at once. 
  • Membership Features: Membership features help you to create Patreon like tiers.

LearnPress Plans and Pricing

  • Basic โ€“ Free
  • LearnPress Semi-Pro Bundle โ€“ $149/ Year (1 Site Licenses)
  • LearnPress PRO Bundle โ€“ $299/ Year (1 Site Licenses)
pricing of learnpress bundles

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3. Lifter LMS (LifterLMS)

LifterLMS is another solid alternative to LearnDash. When discussing LMS, let alone LearnDash, LifterLMS stands out from the crowd because of its CRM support and exciting trial.

Compared to LearnDash, LifterLMS gives you a 30 days trial for 1 $ which is, upon thinking, basically free! It’s like hitting two birds with one stone cause you can have the full taste of every pro feature, implement it in your business and then decide about getting the premium bundle.

Lifter LMS offers other possibilities to distribute your courses in packs or tier systems and offers coupon creation on its dashboard. Learn more from LifterLMS review post. We also have a LearnDash vs LifterLMS comparison article.

What makes LifterLMS a good LearnDash alternative?

  • Intuitive LMS Course Builder: The LifterLMS Course Builder allows easy creation of interactive multimedia lessons for your students.
  • Powerful Learning Management: Users can manage everything on their own such as student management, credit card management, course and membership access management, web design management, and more.
  • Course Import and Export: Users have the ability to import & export their lessons and courses to other websites.
  • CRM Integration: Lets you integrate your own third-party Customer Relationship Management system to boost sales.
  • Graphics Pack: Lets you choose beautiful royalty-free backgrounds to stand out.

LifterLMS plans and pricing

lifter lms plans and pricing
  • Core Plugin โ€“ Free
  • Earth Bundle โ€“ $199/ Year (1 Site Licenses)
  • Universe Bundle โ€“ $360/ Year (5 Site Licenses)
  • Infinity Bundle โ€“ $1200/ Year (Unlimted Site Licenses)

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4. Teachable

Another good competitor or alternative to LearnDash is Teachable. Among the other LearnDash alternatives, Teachable is significantly different. It’s a SaaS and it allows you to get your desired plan monthly as well as annually. This helps make it more accessible to a new customer.

In addition, Teachable lets you try their pro package for 14 days without spending a dime.

Another reason Teachable is a good alternative is that you can create captivating courses using the drag-and-drop course creator. You can also use multimedia support to make your lessons engaging and interactive.

One more thing that sets it apart from LearnDash is that Teachable lets you receive payments according to your preferred payment plan (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). You can learn more from our Teachable review post. We also have a LearnDash vs Teachable post.

Why is Teachable a good LearnDash alternative?

  • Free Trial With No Credit Card: You can try every advanced feature for 14 days without entering your credit card details, which is incredible!
  • AI Generator: You will get access to cutting-edge AI technology, for instance, the AI Quiz Generator and AI Curriculum Generator, to further develop your eLearning website to great heights.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Teachable gives you an affiliate marketing tool to find collaborators who will help you grow in the market.
  • Unlimited Students: You will be able to enroll a large number of students without any restrictions.
  • Secure Data and Business: Teachable offers state-of-the-art protection and safeguards to protect your data and business. 

Teachable plans and pricing

teachable lms pricing
  • Free โ€“ $0/ Month
  • Basic โ€“ $59/ Month (5 published products)
  • Pro โ€“ $159/ Month (50 published products)
  • Pro+ โ€“ $249/ Month (200 published products)
  • Business โ€“ $665/ Month (Unlimited published products)

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5. Podia

Podia is another LearnDash alternative with basic features that enables creators to publish, sell, and market their courses online. It also offers digital downloads and deliver compelling learning experiences.

Please consider that Podia is much simpler than other LMSs mentioned in this article and relies on simple essential features, which is why itโ€™s the least pricey. 

If you are looking for something simpler, Podia is the right LMS for you.

Yet, Podia helps build a complete one-stop digital store by allowing you to customize your dashboard, send notification emails, use affiliate programs, coupons system, extensive reports, and much more at an affordable amount.

Why is Podia a LearnDash alternative? 

  • Simple: It is effortless to use and more straightforward than LearnDash.
  • Built-in Community: Build a community that helps to connect with the customers.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing tool lets you send bulk emails to sell and notify about your products.
  • No Transaction Fees: Pro Podia users do not have to worry about transaction fees.

Podia plans and pricing

Podia pricing
  • Free โ€“ $0/ Month (Full website – 8% fees, 1 Product)
  • Mover โ€“ $39/ Month (Full website – No transaction fees, Unlimited Course)
  • Shaker โ€“ $89/ Month (Full website – No transaction fees, Unlimited Course)

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6. MasterStudy LMS

MasterStudy LMS is the last LMS alternative to LearnDash in this article. 

This LMS tool is designed in a way that can be helpful for a single instructor to a large teaching organization.

MasterStudy is on our list because MasterStudy can turn any WordPress website into a professional-level platform with its robust course builder.

Moreover, it lets you implement a variety of questions like true & false, fill-in-the-blank, assigning assignments, essays, and other educational features. As a result, your course can have more impact on the students. We have a Tutor LMS vs MasterStudy LMS comparison where you can find more about it.

Why is MasterStudy LMS a LearnDash alternative? 

  • Udemy Importer: This premium addon lets you effortlessly import your Udemy courses and publish them on your site. This way, your classes can get more uplifted student engagement.
  • Trial Courses: Lets your potential students check out your online lessons free for your desired number of days.
  • Google Classrooms: Classroom addon lets you control and assign tasks on Google Classroom from your WordPress site.
  • SCORM Integration: SCORM enables you to integrate diverse lessons and course materials, including text, pictures, and videos, which helps your class become more dynamic.
  • IOS and Android Integration: MasterStundyโ€™s mobile application allows your content to reach wider audiences.

MasterStudy LMS plans and pricing

MasterStudy pro plans and pricings
  • Strater โ€“ Free (Free License)
  • Single site โ€“ $79/ Year (1 Site License)
  • 5 Sites โ€“ $199/ Year (5 Sites License)
  • Unlimited โ€“ $399/ Year (Unlimted License)

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These are the best 6 LearnDash alternatives that give you plenty of features and add-ons to creating online courses and help you to grow your eLearning business.


What does LMS mean?

It means Learning Management System.

Is there any LearnDash alternative that costs less?

Yes, there are many LearnDash alternatives than costs less.

Can I use LearnDash without WordPress?

No, LearnDash is a WordPress plugin. It does not work without WordPress.

Is there a free version of LearnDash?

Unfortunately, there is no free version of LearnDash.

Wrapping up

Although LearnDash may stand up as a popular LMS in the WordPress ecosystem, itโ€™s essential to understand that the continuously changing educational technologies can offer noteworthy LearnDash alternatives.

In this article, we have learned about the best 6 LearnDash alternatives available in the market right now. Some offer significant advantages over LearnDash and attract customers with their free versions.

Feel free to write us below, If you have more questions regarding other alternatives.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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